Travis and Megan Voskamp (owners)

Travis and Megan started roasting their own beans in 2012 when a friend introduced them to the wonderful world of fresh roasted coffee.  They have four kids, four cats, and two dogs.  These Texas natives love exploring the mountains, sitting on their back porch in the morning, or taking road trips across America-all with cups of coffee in their hands.  They can be reached at (432)352-3310 or leapknotcoffee@gmail.com.


Matt Slavik (social media guru)

Matt joined the team in March of 2017 in the midst of a blizzard with flip flops on.  That's the laid-back, straight forward style with which he has attacked learning about coffee and the mountains of Idaho.  He loves chasing his dog around and drinking a light or medium roast while watching a ball game.  All you single ladies, he can be reached at (501)749-1118 or matt.leapknot@gmail.com.

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